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About Us

In these digital times, genuine human interaction has become a precious commodity. That’s why the travel agents at Jetset Rose Bay are so valued. With their impressive combined travel experience, they seamlessly cut through the travel clutter to provide you with the specialised advice you deserve. Each agent loves to travel, and more than anything, they love sharing their wisdom with you.

Since 1986, our office has had low staff turnover, enabling our clients to confidently depend on their agents. They can trust them to provide impeccable service, along with the assurances to take responsibility for every stage of your journey.

Being part of one of the largest franchise travel networks in Australia has its benefits. We have access to the most innovative support and infrastructure, so the level of service is second to none. It also guarantees us purchasing power, to create exclusive holidays at affordable prices. We provide around-the-clock assistance, and most importantly, our global network of contacts allows us to share all the local secrets and amazing deals that an ordinary agent cannot.

For a holiday that no ordinary travel agent can arrange, talk to one of our dedicated and passionate agents today.