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Destination: Cambodia

When you think Cambodia, you generally think about the world famous site of Angkor Wat at Siem Reap and true this is really the highlight of Cambodia of which they can be proud.

However, we experienced another side. The capital of Phnomh Penh and the beautiful newish island resort of Song Saa in the Gulf of Thailand off Sihanoukville.

Cambodia has had a tourist diet of mainly temples & tragedy in its past but Song Saa as the first premier luxury resort in Cambodia really is the shining star in the future.

Sits at the juncture of two major Asian rivers – the Mekong and Tong Le Sap.

Siem Reap is four hours’ by boat downstream to the left, and Chau Doc at the Vietnam border is 110kms – pretty much the same distance up to the right.
Hence river cruises ply the water ways in this part of the world and strategically link Vietnam and Cambodia, often offering a novel way to travel between the two countries instead of flying.

Three reasons you might visit Phnom Penh:
• First getting on or off a river cruise
• Nurturing a particular interest in history – especially of a morbid nature as Killing Fields is a horribly chilling reminder of one of the most ghastly chapters in history in the world since WW2. I have a separate story of that for those with a strong stomach
• Launching pad to Song Saa Island if you have already been to Siem Reap or have no desire to take the ‘small plane’ to Sihanoukville. Phnomh Penh is three and a half hours’ drive to Sihanoukville.

Major Sites of Interest:
• Royal Palace located riverside housing lots of historic symbolism
• National Museum showcasing much of which was found inside the Temples @ Angkor Wat
• Museum of Genocide right in the centre of Phnomh Penh.
• Killing Fields 30 mins outside of Phnomh Penh. Very confronting experience.

Phnomh Penh is enjoying a bit of a gourmet restaurant boost as expats are flocking to the capital in the wake of a bit of a boom as Cambodia is slowly freeing up trade restrictions and moving ahead in the economic department.

For example, we dined at a fabulous Asian Fusion restaurant called TEPUI at Chinese House where the expat Venezuelan chef transports Cambodian cuisine to new creative heights of nouvelle cuisine luxury. Worth a visit if only for the chocolate dessert Asian fusion style!

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