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Subject: Thank you so much Renee

If anyone is looking for a brilliant travel agent, I highly recommend Renee Germane from Jetset travel in Rose Bay. Renee organised our whole trip to LA and Fiji, everything went so smoothly and she gave us so much advice and help on things she wasn’t even involved in booking. No need to live in the area, Renee was amazing at doing everything for us via phone and email! So much better than doing it yourself on line!!! Thank you so much Renee x


Subject: Thank you thank you thank you

Hi Michelle

The trip was Fabulous! London was amazing and hotel location brilliant. Got to airport in plenty of time for easyjet which went smoothly. The car is a story in itself but nobody got kicked out of the car. haha . But a great adventure driving it around. Got to drive to Avignon, Grasse, Cannes, Monaco, and more. All fabulous in France and Spain. No mishaps at all. Thank you thank you thank you. I will be in touch a bit later as my phone is not charged and I have come straight back to work with a hundred deadlines.
hope you are well, thx again , cheers


Subject: Thank you

Hi Terry,

Just a quick note to let you know we are back & all your planning was perfect, as usual. Cruise was also very good, loved being on a small ship. Tauck tour was fantastic, tour guides were knowledgeable & informative, but I was exhausted after being in a different city nearly every day for 5 weeks.
Of course George is already browsing new trips but I don’t want to hear about it for at least a year (sorry)

Thanks again,


Subject: A sincere thank you

Hi Terry,

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your arranging a terrific holiday for me.

Everything worked like clock work, the hotels you chose for me were outstanding, the travel arrangements were very reliable and all in all I had a great time considering this was a first for me being alone.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends. Sylvia certainly did not exaggerate her praise for you.

With warm regards


Subject: happy client

Dear Vicky & Terry,

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Toni Regan and I have been working with Helene Altit for many months now on a number of travel arrangements.
I wanted to touch base with you both to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to be working with Helene on all aspects of my trips.

Helene initially helped me with change of booking for a future cruise with Crystal (this was due to be lost in the system) followed, by a last minute booking with Princess at Christmas time and over an extended period of time now, a complicated itinerary planned for a special anniversary.

Helene is just brilliant! I cannot thank her enough!

Helene is just so incredibly professional, always organised, works till all hours when necessary, and overall offers me total confidence when making decisions about all forms of travel.

Sadly, our recent trip needed to be cancelled at the last minute when my husband became ill two days prior to departure and even with the reorganising and pending insurance claim for this involved itinerary Helene has not lost her vibrant and positive edge with all my travel matters. I am so relieved to be working with her.

I traditionally have never chosen to book with a travel agent but I am now a travel agent “convert” and will continue to book with Helene via Jetset Rose Bay while ever we are still travelling and she is working as an expert in the field.

I just had to share my happy thoughts.

Kind regards,
Toni Regan, Director Chameleon Marketing Solutions

Subject: Thank you

To Terry and team

A belated thank you for organising such a fabulous holiday in Europe for our family! We had a great time and everything went like clockwork. Thanks so much!

With great appreciation,


Subject: Happy family

Hi Miriam,

We have arrived here at the Amanoi. I can’t begin to tell you how absolutely amazing it is here – you have had us up graded to ocean view pool villa -the only thing we can see is the ocean! We are so thrilled – you have worked your magic again!

-Kathryn , Rob & Jess (the photo we sent doesn’t do it justice!!)

Subject: Thank YOU!!

Hi Renee,

Thank you so much for all your amazing help with all our trips. It is such a pleasure dealing with you – you are so knowledgeable, helpful and efficient.
Remind me where you are off to? When are you back? Safe travels and have a wonderful time.

Warm regards

Subject: Thank You Marni

Dear Vicky

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for your exceptional choice in staff. I have been dealing with Marni Whittington for the past few months regarding the organisation of my honeymoon. I had been dealing with another travel agent, whose services I was not very happy with. When I found Marni, I could not have been happier.She has restored my faith in travel agents! It is so rare these days to deal with someone so efficient, so pleasant, so eager to help, so on top of things, so willing to go out of their way to please the customer.

At every stage of the process, there was never anything Marni could not deliver. I take my hat off to her patience levels. She was always professional, always efficient in answering my e-mails and taking my phone calls, and always helpful in making suggestions for air travel, car travel and accommodation. She was always friendly and always courteous.

I run a small business myself and understand the importance of good staff. They can make or break your business. With Marni, you have hit gold! I hope you realise her true value, and I hope she is rewarded for her amazing efforts. She has provided me with the best customer service I have received in a long time. I have already referred her to many of my bride and groom-to-be clients, and would not hesitate to refer her to friends, family and clients in the future. My fiance has also vowed to use Marni for all his corporate travel needs in the future. My fiance and I are so pleased with what Marni has organised for us, and we can’t wait to leave for the holiday.

Thank you so much Marni, and thank you Jetset Rose Bay
Yours sincerely,

Effi Georgia
Muse Concepts

Subject: Huge thank you for your incredible organisational skills

Dearest Eve,

I tried to call you today, but you are hopefully still enjoying yourself somewhere in Italy with your sister!

I will call you at the end of the month, but as we only just got back last night, I need to say thank you for the way you built up this – rather complicated – holiday of ours. Everybody all around us had done absolutely everything to make sure that we have the best time, AND WE DID!

Although it all went smoothly, we are all too aware how much went on behind the scenes to make this happen and we appreciate very much all your hard work and endless supply of energy that brought this about. You are rather a miracle worker (I’m sure you know that about yourself, but I want to be certain that you are aware)!

Looking forward to catching up with you later on (in case you are interested in the nitty-gritty details as well),

Kathy & Peter