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Villa Umbriana is set like a gemstone in the heart of Umbria, close to one of the region’s most celebrated towns: Todi. From our garden you can see Todi perched up on a hilltop. The gleaming white early Renaissance church ...

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“Walking on thin ice” Looking for the iconic polar bear is a bit like searching for your favourite book in the library. You are lucky if you find that precious book, but it’s the other treasures you discover on the ...

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Luxing it up with the Wildlife

It’s almost 10pm on a late summer’s night. The moon is starkly lit in a cloudless sky, and we’ve had our eyes glued to the antics of a young female koala for the past 15 minutes. She doesn’t seem to ...

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And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who entered our WIN A CRUISE Competition! We were overwhelmed by the number of entries and everyone’s excitement to be the lucky ones selected to hop aboard Princess Cruises for the trip of a lifetime! Congratulations ...

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Destination: Cambodia

When you think Cambodia, you generally think about the world famous site of Angkor Wat at Siem Reap and true this is really the highlight of Cambodia of which they can be proud. However, we experienced another side. The capital ...

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The Song Saa experience is also about immersing oneself into a different kind of existence, back into ‘island time’, and relishing the simple joys in life. Who would have thought pristine waters, over-water bungalows, & world class luxury would be ...

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The perfect vacation – WIN A CRUISE!

There is a wanderer hidden inside the hearts of most of us, longing for travel and adventure and the all that the wide world has to offer! So what is a perfect vacation? We all dream of going on cruise ...

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Stopover at Fiji Islands

Bula Fiji! Literally translates into Hello Fiji! With cosy warm climate, long sprawling white sand beaches, pure waters and laid-back friendly locals, your vacation to Fiji can turn into a fantasy turned reality. Many travellers have Fiji Islands on top ...

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Romancing the Greek mythology at Paxos

Greek mythology has been one of the biggest attractors of tourists to Greece and the little islands surrounding these. Spread across 25 square kilometres with a very small population of about 2500 dwellers, the Paxos Island is a part of ...

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Parisian Hotel Reviews

Please read the latest and greatest tips from our top hotel guru Miriam Rosenman who is currently checking out the hot spots in Paris! I began my journey by taxi at 8:45am and after dropping my suitcase at the Hotel ...

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Cruising is a wonderful way to see the world, with more and more people choosing this method of travel with a much younger crowd setting sail. The more ships you experience, the more you realize how important it is as Travel Expert to be cruise savvy and have the......

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Trip to Europe 2011 112

Crystal Cruises Amazing 2014 Sydney to Darwin Experience

There's never been a better time to think about booking a holiday, and we have an absolute beauty that kicks off in February 12014 with Crystal Cruises. ...

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Crystal Cruises Liner Serenity

Hawaii Hyatt Resort Deals and Breaks

If you are looking for the chance to fulfil your fantasy and visit the tropical paradise of Hawaii, then there’s never been a better time to book than today....

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Hawaiian Breaks with Hyatt

Great Offers at W Hotel Bali for 2013

The W Hotel Bali is one of the finest resorts to stay at when you are visiting this island paradise. With a selection of superb bars and decadent dining areas to compliment the amazing rooms available, the W Hotel Bali truly is the resort of your dreams....

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Amazing Views at W Bali Hotel

Hawaii With Our Eastern Suburbs Travel Guru

“For the ultimate in beach experiences it doesn’t come much better than Four Seasons properties in Hawaii. I flew over on Hawaiian, on their brand new airbus 300. This is a great alternative to Jetstar because their record for on ...

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The perfect gift for any occasion!!...

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